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Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein 5.28 LBS ( Combo )

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Banana + Chocolate Crème
Banana + Chocolate Mint
Banana + Cocoa Mocha
Banana + Cookies and Cream
Banana + Raspberry
Banana + Rum Raisin
Banana + Strawberry
Banana + Vanilla Creme
Chocolate Creme
Chocolate Crème + Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Crème + Cookies and Cream
Chocolate Crème + Rum Raisin
Chocolate Crème + Strawberry
Chocolate Crème+ Cocoa Mocha
Chocolate Crème+ Raspberry
Chocolate Crème+ Vanilla Crème
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Mint + Chocolate Crème
Chocolate Mint + Raspberry
Chocolate Mint + Rum Raisin
Chocolate Mint + Strawberry
Chocolate Mint + Vanilla Crème
Cocoa Mocha
Cocoa Mocha + Chocolate Mint
Cocoa Mocha + Cookies and Cream
Cocoa Mocha + Raspberry
Cocoa Mocha + Rum Raisin
Cocoa Mocha + Strawberry
Cocoa Mocha + Vanilla Crème
Cookies and Cream
Cookies and Cream + Raspberry
Cookies and Cream + Rum Raisin
Cookies and Cream + Strawberry
Cookies and Cream + Vanilla Crème
Raspberry + Rum Raisin
Raspberry + Strawberry
Raspberry + Vanilla Crème
Rum Raisin
Rum Raisin + Vanilla Crème
Strawberry + Rum Raisin
Strawberry + Vanilla Crème
Vanilla Creme

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Ultimate Nutrition Inc. - Farmington, Po Box 643, Farmington, CT, 06034 USA, Email: inquiry@ultimatenutrition.com

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein 5.28 lb Chocolate Creme aids to develop lean muscles
  • It helps to increase strength and workout performance and helps in rapid recovery from muscle fatigue
  • It assists in the enhancement of your energy and stamina
  • Prostar Whey Protein from Ultimate Nutrition also helps to maintain and improve the metabolism of your body
  • Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein 5.28 lb Chocolate Creme is a premium health supplement, which helps to boost immunity and provide nourishment
  • Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein 5.28 lb Chocolate Crème encourages faster muscle growth
  • Increases strength for a better workout performance and aids in muscle recovery
  • Prostar Whey Protein from Ultimate Nutrition rectifies a sluggish metabolism for better nutrient absorption and a healthy gut
  • Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein 5.28 lb Chocolate Creme enhances immune response and delivers nourishment to the body
  • Ultimate Nutrition pro star supports the muscle maintenance, buildup and toning


Protein is one important nutrient required for muscle building and in all honesty, it is not possible to include its proper sources on a daily basis. This is where Whey supplements play their part. Ultimate Nutrition takes the charge and presents to you their premium PROSTAR 100% WHEY PROTEIN 5lbs/2.39 kg. It is important that you consume supplements with ingredients possessing a high biological value and Ultimate Nutrition is the boss here. Each spoonful of PROSTAR 100% delivers essential whey protein portions, such as beta lactoglobulin, alpha lactalbumin, glycomacropeptide, immunoglobulins, proteose peptones, serum albumin, lactoferrin, and lactoperoxidase.

An athlete exercises for a longer duration, which is why their muscles go through a lot. In order to protect muscles from tearing down, amino acids flow through the blood and reach every muscle for protection. PROSTAR 100% WHEY PROTEIN delivers all the non-essential and essential amino acids that finally assure strength and faster recovery post workout.


Ultimate Nutrition PROSTAR 100% Whey Protein is a high-quality blend of whey protein concentrate and isolate. Moreover, 6 g of BCAAs per scoopful will take care of the body and help build muscle faster. The supplement has a very low amount of fat content so that you do not end up consuming too many empty calories. Ideal for unisex, PROSTAR 100% Whey Protein is formulated using a process that utilizes a proprietary micro and ultra filtration process. This assures a high-grade product with cleanest sources of Whey. The choicest ingredients in PROSTAR 100% Whey makes it ideal for athletes who are in their 40s or above and working hard to build body by not letting waste of muscle, usual sight in old age.


L-Leucine 3192mg, L-Isoleucine 1540mg, L-Valine 1275mg, L-Lysine 2568mg, L-Threonine 1044mg, L-Methionine 512mg, L-Phenylalanine 960mg, L-Tryptophan 636mg, L-Arginine 455mg, L-Aspartic Acid 2565mg, L-Cystine 920mg, L-Alanine 1262mg, L-Glutamic Acid 4216, L-Glycine 473mg, L-Histidine 512mg, L-Proline 1033mg, L-Serine 977mg, L-Tyrosine 860mg. Total Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) 6007mg. Total Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) 11727mg. Total Amino Acids 25000mg.


Add 1 scoop (30 grams) of Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein into 236 ml of water or milk in a blender. Make a smoothie; add fruit, peanut butter, yoghurt, or ice cream. Blend for 30 – 45 seconds.

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FlavourBanana, Banana + Chocolate Crème, Banana + Chocolate Mint, Banana + Cocoa Mocha, Banana + Cookies and Cream, Banana + Raspberry, Banana + Rum Raisin, Banana + Strawberry, Banana + Vanilla Creme, Chocolate Creme, Chocolate Crème + Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Crème + Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Crème + Rum Raisin, Chocolate Crème + Strawberry, Chocolate Crème+ Cocoa Mocha, Chocolate Crème+ Raspberry, Chocolate Crème+ Vanilla Crème, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Mint + Chocolate Crème, Chocolate Mint + Raspberry, Chocolate Mint + Rum Raisin, Chocolate Mint + Strawberry, Chocolate Mint + Vanilla Crème, Cocoa Mocha, Cocoa Mocha + Chocolate Mint, Cocoa Mocha + Cookies and Cream, Cocoa Mocha + Raspberry, Cocoa Mocha + Rum Raisin, Cocoa Mocha + Strawberry, Cocoa Mocha + Vanilla Crème, Cookies and Cream, Cookies and Cream + Raspberry, Cookies and Cream + Rum Raisin, Cookies and Cream + Strawberry, Cookies and Cream + Vanilla Crème, Raspberry, Raspberry + Rum Raisin, Raspberry + Strawberry, Raspberry + Vanilla Crème, Rum Raisin, Rum Raisin + Vanilla Crème, Strawberry, Strawberry + Rum Raisin, Strawberry + Vanilla Crème, Vanilla Creme
Size5.28 Lbs
BrandUltimate Nutrition
Serving Size30 g
Weight (kg)2.4
Number of Servings80
Protein per Serving25 g
GoalMuscle Building,Muscle Recovery
Protein per Serving Bucket25