Workaholic Workout

Simplest Workout Plan for all the Workaholics

How do we change our bodies, how do we lose fat or how do we build muscle when we have very little time?

In today’s fast-paced lives, sparing a time for the gym or for working out is really tough, sometimes it’s next to impossible.

But everyone wants to be fit and stay in great body shape.

How’s this actually possible?

So this blog shares the simplest workout plan that every workaholic looking for.

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Now the first thing you need to do is to pick up your goal. Because there is no point in choosing workouts plan if you haven’t yet picked your goal.

Choosing proper exercises, sets, reps, and rests in the very important aspect of creating a successful workout plan.

Arranging the workouts properly throughout the week is another crucial element. So when it comes to the transformation of our body, we need to look after some of our basic compound lifts, squats, deadlifts and bench press.

Simplest Work-Out Plan for Workaholics

 Fresh Start:Fresh Start

  • Start with 3 sessions a week of 50 minutes
  • Pick deadlift, squat or bench press as your first exercise. The reason is as you are fresh so you can put all your effort into it and you can lift heavy stuff.
  • Do 10 repetitions for 3 sets with about a minute to two minutes break.

Your main goal should be to beat what you have done last week.

These all will take you probably 20 minutes to half an hour approximately.

The next goal is to lose fat right so for that you need to burn calories.

Yes, now you have 15 minutes with you to burn off calories.

Get a Hang of it:Burpees, Lunges, Pushups

  • 10 burpees followed by 20 walking lunges which are 10 on each leg and just give the legs a little bit of a break
  • Last 10 push-ups of any variations.


And the same goes for next week, and remember to beat it than last time as that will show an increase in fitness.

Possibly increase in muscle strength and a decrease in body fat.

One of the things that are awesome about only training 3 times a week is you are going to get tons of recovery.

Even if your sessions are back to back you can do upper-body, lower-body and that way you can keep your other parts of body fresh to work really hard then the next session and really work that progressive overload.

Make sure your diet must be in a little bit in point and you have to be quite rigid when it comes to food consumption. Your protein intake should be more during these days.

Our Take

Ultimately it is all about setting yourself a routine that you can stick to because that going to be your biggest thing. And yes, you can get in a great shape Instead of super busy schedule with this simple workout plan.

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