That’s why everyone should eat egg..

Eggs are such an awesome protein source, that they are referred to as complete protein or reference protein. They are rated as the best natural protein in terms of absorption by the body.

However, Egg yolks increase your cholesterol is something we get to hear every day, but have we ever thought how true that is. People use the word cholesterol without even understanding what it actually means. The very first thing that we need to know is that Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that’s found in all cells of the body. Your body needs some cholesterol to make hormones, vitamin D, and substances that help you digest foods. Your body is also capable of making cholesterol.

Cholesterol is of 2 types HDL and LDL which is also known as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

LDL (bad cholesterol) causes heart disease and this is the type of cholesterol which comes in peoples mind on hearing cholesterol. LDL also leads to clogging of arteries and blood vessels.

HDL (good cholesterol) actually contributes to the reduction of clogged arteries.

Now we come to eggs or rather egg yolks which are considered evil in the eyes of people today. Eggs are great source of HDL cholesterol. The evil or feared high cholesterol egg only helps to de-clog arteries if used wisely.

70% of humans today have no change in LDL levels even if they consume 3-4 whole eggs a day. The remaining 30% people who have an affect are those who are ailing or with already compromised health conditions like diabetes or wrong lifestyle patterns.

So with all the above information what we understand egg which is referred to as complete can be consumed along with the yolk incase of normal human beings. If you are an individual with no health issues then whole egg should surely be a part of your diet.

Whether you are trying to cut calories to shed some pounds or on high calories to bulk up, whole eggs should be included in the diet.

If you are a male lifter another add on is that it naturally increases your testosterone level which makes you stronger.

For ladies who have menses lose a bit of iron every month because they bleed. So adding whole eggs to their diet is beneficial as it is a good source of iron.

So the thumb rule is that if you are a healthy individual with no health complications, who trains regularly, and can tolerate eggs, can or rather should consume 2-3 whole eggs regularly.

There is no need to go crazy with eggs but everything in moderation is good.

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