Top 5 Mass Gainer Protein Brands

Top 5 Mass Gainer Protein Brands In Indian Market

If you are bony like me and want to gain muscle and weight, then you may need a mass gainer.

Mass gainers are supplements used in bodybuilding containing more calories than normal protein supplements.

They have huge amounts of fats and carbohydrates to shoo up your calorie intake for bulking up.

When your daily calorie intake is more than your calorie burn, that is when you start to gain weight.

Usually, you gain the calories from whole foods. But there is a limit to how much you can eat.

If you are skinny, then that means no matter how much you consume food, you remain the same without gaining weight. People who cannot gain weight easily, they are called hard gainers.

If you eat enough, then there are 2 reasons for not gaining weight:

1) You burn calories at a very quick rate because of having a fast body metabolism.

2) You can’t eat much and get only enough calories for carrying out your day-to-day activities.

As a bony guy, I’ve heard it a thousand times: “Why don’t you eat more? You’re so skinny!”.

What most people don’t realize is I’m not skinny because I choose to be; I’m skinny because I can’t gain weight even if I try!

When it’s impossible to put on weight quickly through normal means, you need to take outside help.

There’s only so many calories your body can take in when you’re eating three meals per day, and some people don’t have the time.

You need to eat every 2-3 hours in order to gain weight. To prepare, cook and consume 5-6 nutritious meals frequently is a challenging task at it’s best.

Top 5 Mass Gainer Protein Brands

The following are the best selling and best quality mass gainer protein supplement brands currently available in India.

1.Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass


Optimum Nutrition Mass Gainer

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass is the best mass gainer in India. Its serving size is 2 scoops (334g). 1250 calories and 50 grams of protein in each scoop.

It contains over 250 grams of carbohydrates (with no added sugar) and 25 essential vitamins and minerals per serving.

ON Serious Mass Gainer is one of the most consumed mass gainers around the globe. Optimum Nutrition is one of the most trusted bodybuilding supplements brands, delivers high-quality mass gainers for effective results.

Serious Mass is the ultimate in weight gain formulas. With 1,250 calories per serving of 50 grams of protein for muscle recovery, this powder makes the ideal post-workout and between meals shake for increasing your goals.


2. Muscletech Masstech

MuscleTech Mass Gainer

Ultimate Nutrition is a renowned name in the industry and has maintained its dignity of serving the best for the best.

It has the amazing benefits of glycine, an amino acid that replenishes the body with many other biological compounds, such as proteins and creatine.

MassTech Performance Series will add advantage to a workout session by offering benefits like steady weight gain, muscle building and a perfectly measured 10-gram clinically tested dose for strength.

Moreover, the appealing taste with a 5-gram dosage of Omega-3 collectively offers energy dense calories and peaceful state of mind.

Subjects consuming the supplement have shown the rapid rise in amino acid levels, which comprehends that consumption of this supplement increases protein synthesis within the system.

Mix 1 serving (equals to 5 scoops) with 470 ml of water or skim milk and consume in the morning. You can drink it between meals or as a post-workout power shot. As a preferred dosage, you can consume 1/2 serving twice daily.


3. Labrada Mass Gainer

Labrada Mass Gainer

Labrada is one of the best brands when it comes to mass gainer protein. This is a well-renowned firm to produce good quality of mass gainers.

This brand is in the fitness industry for 2 decades and has arisen as the most trusted in the market. Muscle Mass Gainer is one of the top supplies of Labrada brand.

Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer 6 lb Chocolate is all out a supplement to gain calories in a better way, it is a great source of protein.

Packed with 1265 calories and a whopping 52 grams of protein (per serving i.e. 9 scoops), the Labrada Mass Gainer is a great muscle building supplement for athletes.


4. ESN

ESN Mass Gainer

Evolution Sports Nutrition which is widely known as ESN. This brand is in the existence for 1 decade now and has cemented its identity among fitness enthusiasts.

ESN’s Mass Maxxx is the ultimate mass gainer crafted for the athletes who want to gain heavy muscles, it also energizes the body and power to perform extremely well in your workout.

This supplement is an ultra-modern and a very advanced product. Each serving is packed with an arrangement of performance-enhancing ingredients.

These ingredients are Pro BCAA Complex, CGT complex, Pro-Test Boost, GH boost complex, Pro LGF-1 boost complex advanced carb-shuttle complex and much more.


5. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

Dymatize Mass Gainer

Dymatize is in the supplement industry from more than 2 decades and is well renowned in the peers.

It even aids to act directly in muscles to promote the building of protein and speedy recovery.

It also comes included with L-Glutamine and Creatine Monohydrate, which are involved in activating the synthesis of proteins in your muscles and improving your overall health.

Dymatize Mass Gainer provides 7.7 grams of L-Leucine, BCAA that is directly involved in building your muscles.


So this was the list guys, we just discussed the Top 5 Mass Gainer Brands in India.

You should not be confused about which one of them is the most perfect, all of these mass gainer brands are the best quality ones which are currently present in the Indian market.

You can choose any of them as per your needs, and here at HealthXP, you will get at the best price.

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