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Top 7 Calorie Burning Activities For Indians To Stay Fit

What is the first thing you do when you are extremely hungry? You reach out to the food and start hogging, right? That is the time you can never have a watch on what exactly you are eating, then start worrying about the excess calories intake.

If you babble about doing the same old reps with the heavy loaded weights with motivational music pumping in your ears glued to a tiny environment? you’re not alone my friend. Working out in gyms has a very vast effect on your body along with great health benefits. But rather if you can burn calories and tone up your posture without being a gym rat, then you are special.

Activities that use more muscle mass along with resistance, can actually help you to burn a massive number of calories. The more the intensity, the more you burn calories.

7 Calorie Burning Activities

Let us put the bright light on the top activities which we Indian can do to reduce a higher amount of calories in a day-to-day life.

Before you start reading, check your current status by using Calories Burned Calculator

  1. Jogging/RunningImage of vector man jogging

Calories burned per hour: 500-900

The very basic, easy and affordable source of cardiovascular fitness and burning calories has to be jogging, it may sound cliche but trust me it is the best way to be fit. Starting with a slow speed and gradually picking up the pace focuses your full body muscle to be active and it also strengthens the core power. No matter if you are experienced jogger or beginner, stretching your every possible body parts properly before starting is the recommended advice to ensure you finish your jog/run with a happy muscle.


2. Skipping Rope

Calories burned per hour: 700-1200Vector image of man skipping rope

This the second best, easy and affordable form of cardio workout, many professional athletes do it as their routine warm up before getting onboard. This is one of the most effective and simple cardio workouts, it also helps to improve hand-eye coordination. You will develop a skill gradually when you get a hang of it, and can increase the speed, also can challenge amongst your friend circle for side wings, cross ropes, and fire-steps. For the reference, you can check the skipping workout and get inspired to come down on grounds


3. Climbing Stairs

Vector image of man climbing the stairs

Calories burned per hour: 650-950


The easy and affordable form of workout is stairs climbing, taking about stairs climbing,

people think of treadmill which has a function of stimulating the staircase. Well, to be honest, if there is an availability of actual real staircase then no need to run on the machine. The climbing motion not only on your lower body but also helps to reduce your glutes along with strengthening your upper body muscle.


4. Swimming

vector image of swimming

Calories burned per hour: 600-800

This is slightly high in expense but the effective way of a workout. If someone having a personal pool in their yards so make

use of it and those who don’t have pool can enrol in the nearby

Heath Clubs vicinity. It is the whole body workout where you can burn 20% fats from your body when done in a disciplined way. Swim some laps to loosen up, that doesn’t mean you play old school pool games like coin drop or anything like that sort.

Outdoor Sports


5. Racket Game

Image of man playing tennis

Calories burned per hour: 600-900

The movement of these games is like “Start-Stop” sequences, the sudden change of direction approaching the ball/shuttlecock need heck lot of agility. You should avoid this activity if having any minor problems in the knee, ankle and lower back. This activity requires a lot of energy-burst, quick sprint, balance, agility, and force to push the ball/shuttlecock over the net. The racket game boosts up your heart rate count to a new height.


6. Ball Sports

image of ball sports

Calories burned per hour: 700-1000

This category consists of all outdoor ball games like Basketball, Cricket, Football etc. All these sport needs full body muscle power to be an active player, playing any of these sport can help you gain stamina and finally reduces your consumed calorie. Playing Cricket in the complex premises is a very common ground for all of us, wherein playing Basketball and Football in the society premises is a little tricky job. You can hop into your nearby Clubs for playing these sports in an account to be fit and healthy, 1 hour is enough for your body to take the pain of being physical tormented.


7. Cycling

image of man cycling

Calories burned per hour: 850-950

We Indian have always loved to ride cycle by the time we started walking or maybe after the age of 5 years. This was the basic need of all of us in our infanthood. It is scientifically proven that this activity is the best source of cardiovascular workout and hence was introduced in every gym as the still-cycle. Best way to burn your calories has to be cycling, affordable and easily accessible mode too. We experience an adrenaline rush in our system after or during cycling which also helps to burn our undesired calories.

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