Understand Food Cravings..

A food craving (also called selective hunger) is an intense desire to consume a specific food, and is different from normal hunger. It may or may not be related to specific hunger.

The question that now arises is why do we need to understand food cravings? Well, this topic is of interest to us because today it is very common and it highly influences nutritional status and obesity. As humans we’re biologically wired to crave for foods. The more bad we eat the more our body gets accustomed to it and craves for. It unknowingly becomes an addiction. Whatever gives us pleasure and gives us relief, our body craves for more.

We crave for highly saturated processed foods which contain a combination of fat, sugar, and salt and provide smallest amount of nutrients. The reason we crave for these foods more is answered by a few studies. Studies have shown that processed foods have the same effect on the brain as drugs. Processed foods release the feel good hormone which helps us relieve stress temporarily.

Apart from those who consume processed food and crave for more there are people who do not indulge in processed food yet crave for food. The reason behind that could be deficiency of micro-nutrients which are generally neglected.

Below is a list of most commonly reported cravings and deficiencies associated with the same:

Food Craving Bread
Nutrient Deficiency Nitrogen
Sources of Deficient Nutrient Green Leafy Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, Grains
Food Craving White Pastas, Cake, Pastries
Nutrient Deficiency Chromium
Sources of Deficient Nutrient Onion, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cinnamon, Grapes
Food Craving Crisps/Potato Chips, Salty foods
Nutrient Deficiency Chloride
Sources of Deficient Nutrient Celery, Olives, Tomatoes, Kelp, Himalayan Sea Salt
Food Craving Chocolate
Nutrient Deficiency Magnesium
Sources of Deficient Nutrient Raw Cacao, Whole Grains, Beans, Nuts, Seeds, Fruit, Green Veggies
Food Craving Fizzy/Aerated Drinks
Nutrient Deficiency Calcium
Sources of Deficient Nutrient Broccoli, Kale, Sesame seed, legumes, mustard, turnip, greens
Food Craving Coffee / Black tea
Nutrient Deficiency Sulphur
Sources of Deficient Nutrient Cruciferous Veggies, Cranberries, horseradish, garlic, onion
Food Craving Ice, Chilled water
Nutrient Deficiency Iron
Sources of Deficient Nutrient Beans, Legumes, Dates, Black raisin, Jaggery, Spinach
Food Craving Sweets
Nutrient Deficiency Phosphorous
Sources of Deficient Nutrient Citrus Fruits, Green Leafy Veggies, Banana, Tomatoes, Black Olives.




As you can see, there is an answer to why you have food cravings. And everyone is different – cravings can be caused by one factor or multiple reasons. That’s why it is highly essential to understand yourself. If you learn the basics of how your body works, it will be easier for you to make better food choices and kick food cravings for good.

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