What vitamins should a woman take and why?

According to a study, women need more vitamins than men. Vitamins and minerals are usually best received from fruits, vegetables, juices, grains, and protein products. But sometimes foods do not carry the required amount hence, creating the need for supplements. There are several vendors selling supplements online but make sure you buy supplements online from an authentic supplements store.

A women’s body is subject to several hormonal changes over the course of years. There are a number of reasons why women need certain vitamins:

  1. Monthly menstrual cycles cause a lack of iron and energy in the body.
  2. During pregnancy, she needs to take higher doses of folic acids and other vitamins to keep her and the child healthy.
  3. It is also known that the onset of osteoporosis in women is earlier than in men which requires the intake of calcium.
  4. Postmenopause a woman is susceptible to various health-related issues such as heart issues, osteoporosis, and other complications.

As per research, Indian women are more prone to Vitamin D deficiency as they tend to stay indoors. A Vitamin D deficiency affects the bones and has been known to cause other health issues such as heart diseases, diabetes, and depression. Let us also look at other vitamins that are essential for a woman.

Calcium, during pre-teen and teen years’ calcium, is important for the body to avoid the chances of osteoporosis later. Women in their late 20’s and post 30’s need calcium supplements as their bone mass and strength start reducing. Calcium is also important for women in menopause or post-menopause stages as the bone loss tends to accelerate during this period.

Vitamin B, this is the energizer. Women who exercise daily tend to lose more calories leaving them vulnerable to a vitamin B deficiency. The constant moving around in the kitchen, at work, and during the day in general causes, women to lose around 2000 calories a day. Hence, bringing back energy is important to avoid fatigue and other problems.

Fish Oils, often people, in general, do not like this supplement as it has a weird smell and taste. But it is the best source of Omega-3s, these are fatty acids that our body can not make. Since women become easier targets for heart diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc. the Omega-3s are more important. They help in lowering the risk of heart diseases and support healthy joints. These special fats also help in brain development for a child hence, it is highly recommended to pregnant women.

Folic acid, another important vitamin for women in their 30’s and are planning to have children. Folic acids help to keep you and your baby healthy and reduce the risk of brain or spinal cord defects. Even if pregnancy is not on the cards consumption of folic acid can be beneficial in improving memory, enhancing moods and cell reproduction. This is usually found in leafy vegetables.

Iron, an extremely important vitamin for women who do not consume a lot of meat, are pregnant, and for women who have heavy menstrual cycles. This said, consult a doctor about the dosage according to your case history. Overdosing on iron can cause severe vomiting and abdominal pain.

Finally, taking the required supplements with age is not a bad thing. To ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle throughout listen to the needs of your body and take the necessary steps post consulting with your doctors.

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