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Brand: MuscleBlaze

MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Protein Powder 2.2 Lb, 1 Kg Chocolate

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Key Features:

  • Kickstart your workout journey with a premium, international grade whey protein designed to give extra energy, recovery, and added muscle definition
  • An optimum dose of 12g of protein with zero added sugar in each serving
  • Made from the best source of protein – Whey. As a top-notch beginner’s protein, it ensures quick absorption, increases in muscle growth, and curbs hunger pangs by improving satiety
  • 5.5g of EAAs along with 2.6g of BCAA help keep the body in an anabolic state and muscle gains post-workout
  • A cost-effective beginner’s protein available in numerous delicious flavors - Chocolate, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Cookies & Cream, and Magical Mango

Brand: MuscleBlaze | 8130505050 | [email protected]

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Twilight Litaka Pharma, Twilight Litika Pharma Ltd., Village Dhana Bagbania, Post Office Manpura, Tehsil Baddi Distt Solan (HP) - 174101, India.
Country of Origin - India
The protein world is FULL of boxes and jars displaying numbers that can be more confusing than reassuring. But MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Protein is here to solve your dilemma of picking the right protein and seeing the results you want. This beginner’s protein kickstart’s your protein journey and introduces all the aspects of Whey protein i.e., extra energy, recovery, added muscle definition, and is specially designed for entry-level gym-goers who need an added boost of the cleanest nutrition. Muscle breakdown is at its peak when youngsters start to work out and that’s when you need a trusted brand like MuscleBlaze to guide you through the very important task of muscle repair, making this a preferred first, protein for any beginner.


The best source of protein, whey: Train hard, recover harder. But how? The answer lies in what kind of protein you’re taking. What does that mean? MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Protein contains whey protein as the primary source and no other sources like Casein, soy, hemp, pea etc.
Compared to other sources of protein, whey protein has a richer amino acids profile that is important for muscle growth. Whey protein is the fastest absorbed protein as well. 
But, why pick MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Protein?
  • An essential Amino Acid profiling which your body can’t make on its own. With 5.5g of EAAs along with 2.6g of BCAA, this protein keeps your body in an anabolic state, allowing the muscle to be gained post-workout
  • Fast absorption is a key factor in MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Protein. The whey in this is quickly absorbed and utilized as compared to other proteins
  • Increases muscle growth as it releases anabolic hormones that stimulate muscle growth
  • Improves satiety MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Protein fills you up with the right macronutrients. In turn, you stay away from unwanted calories
The optimal dose of protein: A beginner’s protein needs to be a wholesome supplement. It provides 12g of protein, which is 40% of protein! This is an apt dose of protein a beginner can ask for before progressing onto full-fledged protein supplements. As a premium protein, it supplies a high-quality and high-absorbing protein blend. MuscleBlaze has carefully picked protein sources from across the globe, the whey in every scoop is of international grade.
Pocket-friendly protein: Gains don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Protein is priced to encourage you to keep getting fit and seeing results. A generous amount of this premium whey is priced moderately while also maintaining quality and standards. It is absolute value for money.
Tasty flavour choices- Delicious flavours is exactly what MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Protein offers. Spoiling you for choice and giving you enough reasons to try each one, it’ll be difficult settling for one favourite. Available in Chocolate, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Cookies & Cream, and Magical Mango, they’re truly irresistible and delicious.


For Ideal Digestion
  • Use half scoop a day for initial 3 days.
  • From the 4th day, start consuming 1 scoop
For Ideal Taste
  • Mix ½ scoop (15g) in 100ml water & 1 scoop (30g) in 200ml water
  • Drink within 15 mins
For Ideal Mixability
  • Add water first then the powder
  • Shake well in a shaker for 15-20 secs
Number of Servings33
Serving Size1 Level Scoop (30g)

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