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GNC Guardian was founded in 1935 by a well-known businessman David B Shakarian. He never stopped taking his vision forward for all the people looking forward to buying the most excellent protein formula supplements prepared by his unit. He strived for it and established his protein supplements brand called GNC brand is well known for providing the best commitments like high standard qualities, good amounts of rich protein content, safety measures, and 100% efficacy in manufacturing and supplies of GNC Whey Protein, GNC Mass Gainers and more in around as also established the availability of the products named as GNC India. As Shakarian started with a family health store in 1935, he established GNC. This whey protein brand inspired many people with great support for healthcare, the loudest noise in the world market for the benefits and availability of whey protein supplements and packs. GNC has more than whey proteins for the lean muscle to bulky body shape proteins. Also, from vitamins, food, and drinks to superfoods and other important supplements. Get the best offers and benefits on our HealthXP website for all top GNC products.