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The simple definition to understand about casein protein is, “It has the richest amino acids and is anabolic milk. Easily found in mammalian milk, which comprises about 80% of the proteins in cow’s milk and in the ratio of 20%to 60% in Human milk.” Casein protein digests slowly, which is good before bedtime. Casein Protein Powder perfects the body for muscle building and body weight management. Casein is beneficial when it’s challenging to work out and build muscles; it also restores the crucial parts of muscles that tear and break down, which need to be repaired. It works as a complete protein source, meaning casein provides all the essential amino acids for body growth and repair. Give this highly valued rich source of protein to your body and build some fantastic muscle packs and a more healthy and robust body to fight every weakness, pain or low immune power. Casein is 100% yes for you if you want a healthy body weight and excellent immunity system. It’s just being more than healthy and fit!