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QNT is officially a Belgium-based sports nutrition company well established in Belgium and has been exporting the best whey QNT products to more than 60 countries. The brand is almost 28 years old, proudly recognized as one of the leading manufacturers in the nutrition supplements industry across the globe. The brand QNT Belgium was founded in 1991 to develop excellent nutritional supplements and gives the most efficient products for all athletes, sports personnel, and others. The QNT India started in 2008 and are the best ones ranking #1 selling best in India. Also, HealthXP offers the best price and coupon codes for daily orders and purchases. Today after many success stories, the brand can present more than 300 products and export them worldwide with excellent records. QNT also aims to integrate the modern systems which are scientifically researched and deliver 100% high-quality standard whey products.