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Everyone’s favorite- how many dry fruits can you eat every day? The best advice for you, have 4-7 pieces every day. These small quantities work out best for you and your body's growth. Almond (Badam), Khubani, Ashewnuts(Kaju), dates (Khajoor), Dried Dates(Chuara), Dried Figs(Anjeer), Fox Nuts (Makhana), Walnuts (Akhrot), and more are available at HealthXP Nutritional Supplement Online Shop. These top-selling dry fruits are very effective in giving nutritional support to your lifestyle. Check the different types of dried fruits. EAT Anytime Healthy Trail Mix - Dry Fruit, Tropical Fruits & Nuts, NUVAN Premium California Almonds, Arome Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, FabBox Dried Blueberries Medium, FabBox Salsa Sweet Potato Chips Medium, and more are some of your favorites. Hurry! Apply with Coupon Code! Grab the Seasonal Offers!