Image of list of authorised importers

List of Authorised Importers

HealthXP has reduced the gap between the importer & the customer by being the only middlemen and which is how we maintain the quality and authenticity till customer receives the final product. Customer must keep few things in the notice to avoid any counterfeit product: The product should be sealed pack and have a long […]
Supplement Needs

Reasons Why We Need Dietary Supplements Daily

In a perfect and peaceful world, can you imagine getting adequate sleep, staying hydrated, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables? Consuming all of this in a plentiful amount, then why does my body need supplements? I have all the required vitamins and nutrients, you will have this question in your mind ticking around. Ok, let […]
Glutamine and Its Uses

Glutamine – Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and More

Hello there, Welcome to, India’s Leading Sports Supplement Store. You are doing good towards achieving your physical fitness goals, you are fully motivated, enthusiastic, energetic, disciplined and dedicated. All you need is a little push boost to convert your sweaty hard work into smart work. That magic is done with the help of a sports supplement. […]
All About BCAAS

All About BCAA, Its Benefits, Effects And Usage

If you are a fitness lover, a workout fanatic, and gym cultured, then you’ve probably heard of sports supplements. You’ve probably known the terms like whey protein, creatine, casein, but you might not have all the info regarding these powders. The more the facts and proper information about the sports nutrition will help you to […]