Excessive Sugar Consumption Can Be Hazardous

Do You Know Excessive Sugar Consumption Can Lead To Dangerous Diseases? Nobody can resist a yum chocolate or sweet dishes…it’s YUM and delicious… So you want to eat them up right? That’s the problem. We consume so much of sugar these days, & that’s probably killing us. Seriously… You see sugar is everywhere. It’s present […]

All You Need to Know About LEAKY GUT

Stomach pain? Feeling bloated a lot? Feeling angry, or sad, for no reason at all? Tired of skin problems? do you find difficulty in losing weight? Feeling miserable? Now, something is probably wrong with you. Surely, something is just not right, but what is it? Your situation is indicating that you are suffering from leaky gut […]

7 Reasons Why is Weightlifting Important For You

Do you want to grab that last bite of a sandwich without feeling guilty? Yes? Then start lifting heavy weights… Not kidding… It’s a fact actually. The reason is Weight Lifting help you boost your metabolism. And not only metabolism, it can also improve your overall health by reducing the risk of diabetes, burning fat, […]
Image of a silhouette girl meditating under sun

8 Simple Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Are you feeling anxious, drained, bloated or depressed? Then your hormones are screaming for attention!!! Perhaps, hormones effects on your emotional, mental and physical health. They affect each and every function whether you are child, woman or teenager. Hormones control your metabolism to digestive function. Sure, Hormones even allow you to grow from a kid […]
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Top 10 Healthy and Fittest Mothers of Bollywood

The industry of Bollywood has always been the best source of inspiration for all of us in an account of fitness and healthiness. More the people are attracted towards the glamour side of it, the more they are charmed by its fitness subconsciously. Being a mother is more than a blessing for all the women, […]
Image of Trending Workout 2018

Latest Exercise Trends of 2018 For Fitness Freaks

Hello, all you fitness fanatics out there, still stuck with the same old boring routine? Performing the old school method of the cliche gyming? Here we present you the new fitness trends of 2018. The Traditional Drill Since Ancient India, we have a strong belief in Yoga as it’s origin is still mysterious and are a matter of debate. […]

Best and Simple 9 Abs Workout for Beginners

Frustrated of carrying your pot belly? Tired of being embarrassed in your fit friend circle? Are you one of them who cannot get down, bend down to try work out? Don’t want to give a thought about exercising hard to get results? Alright then don’t worry its time to transform yourself into hotties and hunks. HealthXP […]
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How does Your Caffeine Intake Acts

If you completely rely on tea or coffee to wake you up fresh in the morning and also to keep you going on your routine schedule, then you are not alone my friend. A cup of tea or coffee is the one of the important ritual of millions of people in the entire world to kickstart […]
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Top 7 Calorie Burning Activities For Indians To Stay Fit

What is the first thing you do when you are extremely hungry? You reach out to the food and start hogging, right? That is the time you can never have a watch on what exactly you are eating, then start worrying about the excess calories intake. If you babble about doing the same old reps with the […]
Healthy Diet Plan of Muscular Khans of Bollywood

Healthy Diet Plan of Muscular Khans of Bollywood

We all are so fond of Bollywood and specifically for celebrities, we are raised in the country where the profession is much like a religion and we follow like a ritual. It is the industry which has succeeded in entertaining the audience across India and recently in another side of the globe. Everybody wants to […]
Eatables for Ketogenic Diet

Advantages of the Ketogenic Diet, Keto Diet Ideas

What if I say eating tons of fats can transform your body into a well-shaped figure? Don’t believe me? Stay connected and read along to break the myth. Hello fitness lovers!!! welcome to Healthxp.in. Today I’m going to discuss Ketogenic Diet and its plans so that you can stay healthy and strong. In today’s world, […]
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Water and Exercising Body

Water had greater effect on athletic performance than any other nutrient. Water is the only nutrient that is lost during exercise in amounts several times greater than amounts lost from non-exercising individuals. The threshold for the induction of thirst occurs at a point where a person is already dehydrated to a level of 0.8-2% loss […]