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List of Authorised Importers

HealthXP has reduced the gap between the importer & the customer by being the only middlemen and which is how we maintain the quality and authenticity till customer receives the final product. Customer must keep few things in the notice to avoid any counterfeit product: The product should be sealed pack and have a long […]

Supplement Diaries: Guide to Creatine

Looking to increase muscles, strength and overall performance in a gym? Creatine is the go-to product for you. 🙂 Creatine is probably one of the most researched supplement out there and it’s proven to be one of the most effective supplement too. Now a lot of people believe that by just taking creating they will […]

04 Simple Tips to Speed-Up Your Metabolism Process

Don’t you think there is a lot of noise on the internet and everywhere else about metabolism? Yea, that’s probably true right! Your metabolism is as unique as a fingerprint. Some people metabolize food super-fast and other people little bit slower. This metabolism of food is essentially your body taking what you have eaten breaking […]

05 Study-Based Health Benefits of WHEY PROTEIN

    Whey protein is one of the best supplements that help you gain greater results. According to scientific studies, whey protein has several health benefits and it has high nutritional value.   Do you know what Whey Protein actually is? Whey protein is a liquid material which is created as a byproduct of cheese […]